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vnt turbocharger

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honeywell had produced 50 million vnt turbocharger. as epoch-marking tech, vnt turbocharger promote light vehicle drive performance, improve burning sufficient, reduce emission.
the latest generation vnt has set new industry standards in transient response, low speed efficiency, reliability, , light weight and space utilization flexibility
engine application scope
vnt technology which used in the case of the single turbocharger is very suitable for 0.9 l to 3.0 l diesel engines. although the vast majority of vnt applied in 1.4 l to 1.4 l engine, but senior 3.0 l v6 diesel also often use this technique.
the characteristics
about vnt turbocharger, turbocharger exhaust gas flow is controlled by a set of blades, the blade rotation should be matched with the engine specific pressure requirements .when the engine speed is slow, the blade of vnt turbocharger closed, limits the flow through turbine exhaust gas flow, then, improving the power of the turbocharger and keep the charger .blade open when the engine speed, maximize the exhaust gas flow, to avoid the turbocharger speed and to keep the engine charger pressure.
this vnt turbocharger is the third-generation vnt of honeywell in 2004.the most important difference is installing variable construction into bearing pedestal by elasticity cover. this new platform bring some innovations like new design of chaplet, new shape blades, new impeller, the prefect and controllable of aerodynamic.
vnt turbocharger improve the torque lever, especially when the engine rotating slowly ,improve the engine combustion in wide range, speed change faster in shortly, sufficient burning. turbocharger also promote exhaust gas recycling, reduce waste gas emission.
vnt turbocharger is the most important reason for engine smaller. as the trend of turbocharger industry, with emission reduce, sufficient burning smaller engine trying to have the same or higher performance with engine which with higher emission.
development and future trends
vnt technology was applied in 1.9 l fiat croma as early as more than 20 years. until 1995, volkswagen, audi 1.9 l direct injection diesel engine using this technology, adopted a new blade design and improved aerodynamics, it truly wide recognition. second generation of vnt was improved the controllability by new aerodynamics and electronic actuators after three years. later, third generation is application on bmw, this generation was adopted a new core design, arc blade, new turbo impeller, improved aerodynamics...combine all of these new features, with 90% of the back pressure, pressurization capacity provided 130% of the second generation turbocharger.
for the vnt tech wildly used, promoted performance ,we can foresight that vnt turbocharger will keep the leadership in diesel engine industry .in order to temporize engine smaller trendy, honeywell engineers are doing their effect for excellent performance and sufficient burning.vnt turbocharger also become the most key point of complex two-levers turbocharger system. more and more diesel engines have this tech in their two or three-levers power unit. obviously, with the development of aerodynamics, bearing system, material science, this technology will have a brighter future.